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My name is Dr.  Travis Kramer I am the founder and clinical director of Kramer Chiropractic since 2004.  I am a 2002 graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

I am from Ortonville, MN.   In 1998 I graduated from Northern State University  in Aberdeen, SD with a BS degree.  I currently live in Alexandria with my wife Kristina and our three children.

I initially chose Chiropractic based on the wonderful experience I had in high school when I was treated for an injury from playing football.  As I furthered my education in the field of chiropractic and nutrition I have come to realize that helping people with back pain was just the beginning of how chiropractic can make a difference in our health. Our body has unlimited potential.  Through chiropractic and nutritional support we can unlock that potential and help you live a happy, healthy and productive life.


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